Testimonials for the B3 Online Backup Solution

What are our Black Box Backup Resellers saying?

Ian McGough – Managing Director, Desktop Technology Services Ltd (DTSL)

We have now completed a proof of concept trial for the Black Box Backup system and it passed with flying colours in all respects. Our company has now joined the reseller programme.

The nature and packaging of the service is highly attractive for our customers. We particularly like the unique features including DTSL’s ability to retain control and management of our customers and the absence of software licensing.

But best of all we welcome the extremely attractive pricing model for an enterprise scale, world class software product, compared to other offerings in the market.

Paul McQuinlan—Managing Director, LANtech

LANtech is excited about the Black Box Backup product and is now a committed partner in the reseller programme for online backup to our customers.

We have a number of clients who have expressed a strong interest in moving away from the traditional data backup systems (such as tape) and are looking for an online backup system.

As a reseller the Black Box Backup product offers us a number of competitive advantages that we can now offer.
This model gives us the ability to bundle Black Box Backup as part of our service offering and add value for our clients by offering additional services around the solution.


What are customers saying?

Victor Smith - Owner Operator - Meat Direct

I started using the service a month ago for my Office PC which essentially runs all my business functions including MYOB, Invoicing, Order Processing and my Outlook Mail. The installation and configuration was a breeze and I was running my first backup within 10 minutes for all my essential folders and files including MYOB and my Outlook PST.

Prior to installing the service I used to have to run a number of individual backups and my Outlook was not really being backed up. With the Back IT Up Mate solution I now have a single backup solution for all my files and folders and best of all I no longer have the hassle of having to remember to take them off site. This is huge value for money and I no longer worry about my business being impacted through data loss and impacting my critical customer orders.

Dr Richard Cheyne - CheyneSissons Chiropractic

My practice was a trial customer and the service has proved a winner with our administration team who no longer worry about running the backups and making sure it goes off site.

Recently we did a significant hardware and software upgrade and when we went use a specific folder we found it had been accidentally left on the old server, which was now no longer available. Recovery was simple and fast with the service and we had the folder back in no time at all.

This really is a hassle free backup solution for the non-technical users which is exceptionally simple to use and fast.

Mark Fowler - Research Director - Global Foresight Networks

I started using the Black Box Backup service last month from my office PC. The install and configuration was a breeze. I do have a monthly data cap with my Internet Service Provider, so my plan is to backup my files, the most important first, in chunks of 1GB per month. The first 1 GB took about an hour. The next day the automated backup of the changes to this first 1GB took 55 seconds! Oh Peace of Mind!